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Adult Martial Arts Classes in San Antonio, TX 

Our adult martial arts program is simply unbeatable! We are confident that you will experience unparalleled fitness benefits, along with the art of self-defense through our exceptional program designed for individuals aged 13 and above. Our expert instructors will guide you through a challenging workout that will not only improve your physical fitness but also enhance your mental strength and discipline. With our program, you'll be able to experience the thrill of mastering martial arts techniques and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it, including increased confidence, stress relief, and improved focus. So why wait? 


Why Should You Choose Tiger Hong’s World Class Taekwondo for Your Adult Martial Arts Classes?


Self Defense, Fitness, Personal Growth

Our Taekwondo classes are an excellent way to improve your overall fitness level, while also learning valuable self-defense techniques. Our classes not only provide an opportunity to develop physical strength and coordination, but also offer a pathway to personal growth. Our certified instructor leads dynamic workouts in each class, which includes a thorough stretching routine to prevent injury, intense bursts of cardio drills to increase endurance, and focused bodyweight and core strength exercises to build muscle. You will learn practical self-defense skills that can help you feel more confident and empowered. With our comprehensive approach, you can unlock your full potential and achieve your wellness goals.


Physical Benefits:

1. Cardiovascular Fitness through Taekwondo Classes:

  • Engage in dynamic martial arts movements to enhance cardiovascular health.

2. Strength and Endurance in Martial Arts Classes:

  • Participate in regular Taekwondo classes to build strength, muscle endurance, and stamina.

3. Flexibility in Martial Arts Training:

  • Practice Taekwondo techniques to promote flexibility and improve range of motion.

4. Weight Management with Martial Arts Exercises:

  • Incorporate martial arts exercises in classes for effective weight control and management.

Mental Benefits:

1. Focus and Concentration in Taekwondo Classes:

  • Enhance mental focus and attention to detail through dedicated martial arts training.

2. Stress Relief with Martial Arts Practices:

  • Utilize the mental focus and physical activity in Taekwondo classes for effective stress relief.

3. Confidence Building in Martial Arts Training:

  • Progress through belt levels and master techniques in Taekwondo classes for increased self-confidence.

4. Discipline through Martial Arts Classes:

  • Develop discipline by adhering to training schedules, techniques, and principles in martial arts classes.

5. Emotional Control with Martial Arts Practice:

  • Learn to manage emotions and respond calmly to challenges through regular Taekwondo training.

Self-Defense Skills:

1. Safety Awareness with Martial Arts Techniques:

  • Acquire practical self-defense skills through dedicated martial arts training.

2. Effective Self-Defense in Taekwondo Classes:

  • Enhance safety awareness with specialized self-defense techniques taught in Taekwondo classes.

Social Benefits:

1. Community and Camaraderie in Martial Arts Classes:

  • Experience a supportive community and foster camaraderie through participation in Taekwondo classes.

2. Teamwork in Martial Arts Training:

  • Collaborate with training partners in group activities and classes, promoting teamwork.

3. Respect and Etiquette in Taekwondo Classes:

  • Embrace respect for instructors, training partners, and martial arts principles in Taekwondo classes.

Lifelong Habits:

1. Healthy Lifestyle Through Martial Arts:

  • Commit to overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle inspired by regular martial arts practice.

2. Life Skills Learned in Taekwondo Classes:

  • Beyond physical techniques, acquire valuable life skills like perseverance and determination through Taekwondo classes.

Lifelong Learning:

1. Continuous Improvement in Martial Arts Classes:

  • Follow a path of continuous improvement with the opportunity to learn and advance throughout life.

2. Cultural Appreciation in Taekwondo:

  • Gain cultural appreciation and understanding through the deep cultural roots of Taekwondo.

Personal Growth:

1. Self-Discovery Through Martial Arts:

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering strengths and capabilities through martial arts.

2. Leadership Skills Developed in Taekwondo Classes:

  • Develop leadership skills by assisting in training and guiding newer students in Taekwondo classes.

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2 Weeks of Taekwondo Classes  Free Trial Program

Limited Time Offer


  • Practical self defense classes, providing skills you can apply in real life situations

  • Better health and wellness

  • Stress relief

  • Increased confidence

  • A fun form of exercise

  • Meeting friendly people

  • Being part of an encouraging atmosphere

At  Tiger Hong's World Class Taekwondo, Our Adult Martial Arts program offers tailored guidance for all experience levels. Our certified instructors provide a supportive and inclusive environment to help you confidently discover the fundamentals of martial arts, build your confidence, and achieve your fitness goals. Join our adult martial arts program today and master the art of martial arts.

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