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Welcome to Tiger Hong's World Class Taekwondo — Martial Arts Near You, Transforming Lives Every Day

Unlock the Power Within - Experience the Art of Martial Arts

 At Tiger Hong's World Class Taekwondo, we are committed to delivering top-quality taekwondo training for individuals aged 4 years and above, regardless of their skill levels. Our primary objective is to provide high-quality martial arts classes and instill discipline, boost self-confidence, and encourage a healthy lifestyle by teaching taekwondo's ancient and revered art.


6 Weeks of Classes Only for $99, Including a Free Uniform

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Discover Our World Class Martial Arts Program

Our Martial Arts Programs cater to all ages and skill levels, from 4 years old and up. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, we have the perfect class for you. A special welcome to beginners—embrace the journey, and let us be the starting point of your martial arts adventure!

 Our Martial Arts Classes 


Our preschool martial arts classes provide the ideal activity for ages 4-5, offering a dynamic environment to learn self defense and cultivate essential skills like focus, self-control, and confidence. Plus, it's the perfect outlet for burning off excess energy!


Our kids martial arts classes are the perfect activity for ages 6-12, offering self defense skills and promoting well-rounded physical, mental, and social development. It's the best way to provide a solid foundation for their growth.


Our teen and adult martial arts classes offer the ultimate program for learning practical self defense while achieving fitness goals, alleviating stress, and boosting self-confidence. Join us on a transformative journey toward physical and mental well-being.

Why Choose Tiger Hong's World Class Taekwondo?

Premiere Taekwondo Classes in San Antonio!

  • Our Taekwondo classes offer practical self defense training.

  • We have an experienced staff of professional instructors for the best Taekwondo classes.

  • Our Taekwondo classes are available 5 days a week, and you can choose a flexible schedule that suits your needs.

  • Our Taekwondo school has clean and modern facilities.

  • Our Taekwondo classes provide a positive and encouraging environment that welcomes peers of every fitness level and ages.

Families Love Our Classes!


Master Hong teaches not just Tae Kwon Do, but life skills. Our daughter has always been extremely shy, but after a few classes, she would demonstrate in front of the class with confidence. She feels like a leader, which shows at class, home and school. He is a great teacher and I highly recommend his classes.

Janelle Allred

Fantastic Taekwondo place to take your kids! Helps with self confidence, focus, learning respect, and how to protect yourself. Master Hong is the absolute best with the kids and so are his staff. My son absolutely loves training here and staying focused on learning taekwondo. Would definitely recommend to others.

D Davis

My daughter has loved her classes at Tiger Hong's and has gotten into the leadership courses where she helps other students with form and learning. She's gained a lot of self confidence through what she's learned there. Recommend for everyone!
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