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Master Hong is a distinguished martial arts instructor with an extensive teaching career over two decades. He has achieved international recognition as a 5th Degree Black Belt holder. He holds a degree from Yong In University, renowned for producing numerous Olympic and world medalists in Taekwondo. Master Hong's pedagogical approach aims to impart high-quality Taekwondo skills to his students and instill valuable life skills that promote personal growth and development.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Taekwondo and Business at Yong In University, Korea

  • 5th Degree Black Belt, certified by the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea

  • Taekwondo Master Instructor certified by the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea

  • Taekwondo Refereeing License level 2 certified by World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea

  • Head Master Instructor ( Tega Cay location, Tiger Kim’s World class Taekwondo, 2014-2020)


1. Commitment to Excellence: I’ve always prioritized delivering top-tier martial arts instruction. This entails refining teaching methods, embracing continuous learning, and seeking mentorship. For those starting their journey, my advice is to prioritize skill mastery and never stop learning.


2. Empowering Life Skills: Martial arts isn’t just about physical techniques; it imparts essential life skills like discipline, confidence, respect, and perseverance. To those beginning their journey, I recommend embracing these values both inside and outside the dojo to promote personal growth.

3. Community Impact: Beyond the physical and mental aspects, martial arts has a role in fostering safe and peaceful communities. We aim to produce responsible individuals who positively influence society. For newcomers, my advice is to actively engage with and contribute to the community, leading by example.

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